Toronto Evergreen Brickworks

The Toronto brickwork has become one of my favourite place to head on the weekend this summer. They have a year round farmers market but it's outside may through October. The farmers market with its large variety of vendors is the main attraction for me. It's nice to go and pick up a week's worth of local fruit and veggies.

Even if you're not into the farmers market or you decide to go throughout the week when the market isn’t open there is still lots to see. It’s best to check their website for all the going ons of course. Through the week this summer though there are things like, Camp Night where you can sit around a campfire and make bracelets with the kids. Or perhaps pizza night where you can grab a pizza from the on site woodfired over then go for a bike ride after. There is a bike rentals and a bike repair shop on site so you don't even need to bring a bike. 

To get there you can either take a wheelchair accessible shuttle bus from broadview station or a TTC bus from Davisville subway station. The TTC bus only runs Saturday and Sunday though. I prefer going via davisville because the bus is easier to board. The shuttle bus has a lift but it's very small with limited tie down options. I don’t suggest trying it with a larger power chair. Both bus options only run every 30 minutes.  

The site is generally pretty wheelchair accessible. There are accessible washrooms in the main building. There is one large stall in each of the mens and womens washrooms. My only complaint was the automated hand dryer was too high up for me to use that well. The grounds can be a bit uneven depending on your route. I don't think most will have much trouble let with this though.

Over all the Brickworks is a fun place to go. It’s perfect for families but you’ll enjoy it even if you’re on your own or just going as a couple. It some how has a different feel than being in the rest of the city. Kind of a place to escape a bit even if you’re just in the Don Valley.