Hotel TV watching

I’m one of those people who doesn’t have cable TV at home. I haven’t for some place around 8 years or more now. I have a basic antenna so I can get the local stations for news and some primetime TV. I honesty don’t miss having 80 specialty stations which are mostly filled with junk. That said when I travel I often make liberal use of the fact that the hotel has TV with a ton of stations.

I have to admit to coming back to the hotel after a long day out and about and watching 5 episodes of Chopped in a row on the Food Network. Or maybe a marathon of Pawn Stars on History is more your style. Sometimes you’re options are admittedly limited. When I was in Israel there were only a few english stations at my disposal. Regardless I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll enjoy. So I think it was a lot of whatever was on National Geographic. Either way it’s kind of a nice treat to veg out with some odd flavour of chips you can’t buy at home and watch some equality junky TV.