New York City - Days 5 and 6

Day 5 we tried to go a bit easy. It was still a packed day but not so much walking I guess. We got up a bit later today before heading out. We took a nice walk down to Madison Square Eats again. This place is just too good to stay away from. This time I went for some fried calamari. Breakfast / late lunch of champions right there folks. Also picked up a giant pretzel for a snack later (it was good too). From the park we took a bus uptown and cross to the 42nd street piers. There is where the Circle Lines Cruises leave from. We went on the semi-circle 1.5 hour trip. The trip was pretty enjoyable and reasonably informative too. By the end it was starting to feel a bit long but it was worth the time I think. The boat was pretty easy to get onto. However be warned. There is no wheelchair accessible washroom on the boat or at the docks even. You best plan ahead for this fact.


Finally we are arrive at the last day of the trip day 6. Even though our flight was not until the even we didn’t plan much for the day. The only thing we really still wanted to see was the 9/11 memorial. We again took the bus down which was fine but took a really long time due to some crazy traffic. There is still a lot of construction going on around the world trade centre site so get into the memorial is a bit weird. I am of course not american nor do I have any connection to anyone who was killed in the 9/11 attacks. That said it was still a pretty powerful and interesting place to visit. They have done a really nice job with the memorial even if it did take an amazingly long time to come together and build.

After the craziness of the shuttle buses at the airport coming into the city we decided it might be best to find a different method of transport to get back to the airport leaving the city. So we took the bus up to 42nd and 5th Ave to catch an “Airport Express” bus. This is a bus that is said to come every 15 min and take you to the airport in about 40 minutes. In reality it comes every 45 minutes if you’re lucky and takes over an hour to drive to the airport in typical new york traffic. We of course always leave a ton of time for things like this so we were still at the airport plenty early. The Porter Airlines flight was very nice again. They ran out of beer for the flight. I wasn’t going to have one but I was disappointed on principle. I did have a glass of wine however which was nothing special but good none the less.

All in all a bit of a crazy trip but good fun all the same. Now a weekend to relax before heading back to work.