New York City - day one

Man what a busy day. We had a great flight this morning with Porter Airways out of Toronto into Newark. Once we arrived into Newark the plan was to take the airtrain into Manhattan. Apparently at the moment the airtrain is being repaired. So we had to take a replacement bus. It was resonantly easy but took far longer than I was expecting. However we of course made it to our hotel no problem just slightly delayed.

We managed to pack quite a few thing into this afternoon. We had a quick bite to eat at Smash Burger which was quite good for a fast food place. Their fries are honestly the best part of the meal. We then hit up the Empire State Bulding. I admit I feel very lucky to get to skip the insane lines. I heard at one point they were over 1.5 hours.

Our tickets were part of the citypass so we ended up with a second set of tickets if we went after 8pm. So we walked down to Madison square pack and hung out there for a while before going back up again to see the city light.

All in all a great but busy day. We'll see what tomorrow brings.