St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is one of my favourite places in Toronto. No matter where I travel I always try and find a nice local market or grocery store. As I've written about before here it's great to have some nice food to keep in your hotel room for a snack in the afternoon or evening. Often I pick up cheese or fruit, whatever is local and in season. 

St. Lawrence market is really two spaces. There is the main market building that is open Tuesday through Saturday. The building contains over 120 vendors. There is a huge selection of meats, cheeses and pretty much anything else you could possibly want. There are vendors that sell every kind of seafood you can think of and a few good places that have lots of fruit and veggies. There are also a few vendors on both levels that sell prepared dishes. The highlights are Busters Sea Cover for great seafood and Carousel Bakery for their pea-meal bacon sandwich. So wether you have just have a small hotel room or a AirBnB that has a full out kitchen or grill you'll find something here to take back with you. 

If you're around on a Saturday morning there is also a farmers market. Currently located south of the main St. Lawrence building. Here local farms and vendors come out to sell directly to customers. I love this place as I really like dealing with the farmers directly. Almost everything is amazingly fresh and the prices tend to be quite good. 



The best way to enter the main building is off Front street. There are three doors off of front street and the elevator is located near the middle one. This will take you down to the washrooms in the lower level. There isn't any wonderful transit to get out to the market. It's about a 10 minute walk from Union Station and The Sherbourne bus # 75 is also just a few blocks away and can take you up to Bloor Street.