Propeller Coffee Roasters

The coffee masterminds of Propeller Coffee have been supplying coffee beans to various Toronto cafes since the beginning of 2013. Only mid 2014 did they decide to open their own café attached to their roasting facility near Bloor and Lansdowne. The space is outright gorgeous. The coffee is also outstanding. Last time I visited I had a single origin made on the clover machine. As always the coffee was full of flavour and very smooth. They also make to order pour overs and espresso based drinks. There are some nice baked good as well and I hear there are more food options to come. 

During the summer there are nice large garage-like doors that open up to the street out front. The main entrance is 42.5 inches wide and inside you’ll find a very large open space. There is no problem getting around as the floor is smooth and everything is on one level. Both the counter where you order and the tables are at an easy height to pull up to. The staff at Propeller were great, even bringing my order to my table without me asking.

There are two large, clean washrooms that include two grab bars and a 34.5 inch wide door. The hand dryer is automatic, but the sink is not and a tad too high at 34.5 inches off the ground. I was able to use it fine, but it might be an issue for some.


Propeller Coffee is located at 50 Wade Ave. right near Lansdowne subway station. However, the nearest wheelchair accessible station is Dundas West. If you’re up for it, it’s about a 10-15 min walk from there. I feel the trip is worth it. There is also street parking for those of you driving over.