New York Trip Planning Part II

A Hotel Obsession 

So I finally booked a hotel for our New York trip this coming May. Sure it may have taken a few nights of obsessive searching online to make sure we get the best deal and the best place but it's done. As I said before we are trying to do this trip on a reasonable budget and hotels in New York are crazy expensive. So we ended up booking a new Marriott Hotel not too far but not right at Times Square. To be honest I was kind of worried about the amount of street noise from the square we might run into if we were right next to it. It might not be overly fancy but honestly it's New York. We are going to spend most of our time out doing things hopefully. The place has free wifi, wheelchair accessible rooms and a fitness centre which my wife requested. There are two major transit hubs with in a few minutes walk so getting around should be easy. Also there is a Stumptown coffee roasters store really close by. Honest I didn't know that part prior to booking. However I'm not going to lie it’s a nice bonus for sure. Especially after being in Israel and having sub-par coffee everyplace.


Because we booked so far in advance of the trip we saved a decent amount on the hotel. It means the hotel is non-refundable but we were okay with that this time around. Also we have trip cancellation insurance just incase. The problem of course with booking this far is that now I'm super excited and I can't wait to go. I'll now move on to obsessively looking up reviews of places to eat at and where to buy the best coffee. Also planning what we want to see and figuring out if we need to book tickets in advance. If you've been to New York in the past few years and have some idea's of what to see, do or eat. Please let me know in the comments.

New York trip planning Part 1

It was the great Paris vs. New York debate 2014. In the end New York won out mostly for financial reason. Although hotels in New York are crazy expensive in comparison to many other destinations, the much cheaper flight from Toronto still gave it the win. First I searched a few dates to see if it made any difference in prices of flights since my time off from work was flexible. For whatever reason flying out on a Sunday was going to be cheaper, so there you go that was that. I also decided that it is worth the extra bit of cost to fly on Porter Airlines. I've never flow with them before but a quick poll of facebook friends said yes go for it.

Then I spent a few hours after dinner searching for hotels. First I'm shocked that free wi-fi isn't just a standard things at this point in time. Especially when you consider the price that most New York hotels are charging. How you don't need to worry. Brand name toiletries seem to be always included. One of the nice things is that a lot of the hotels in New York are very accessible. Most hotels even provide the details online of their accessibility features. Roll-in showers, accessible paths of travel and braille signage all seem to be pretty common. I ended up picking out a few hotels that seem like good options however I'm going to continue the search a bit more. The number of options is a bit overwhelming I must admit. For the record yes AirBnB is a consideration as well. I've never used their service before but it is more budget friendly so we'll see. Maybe this evening I'll spend a few hours looking over their options as well.

So there we are, we have a location and a date. An airline has also been picked. Nothing is booked yet but soon it will be and the planning of what to see and what to do while we are there will start.